Baby Boy Crib Bedding

With so many options for baby boy bedding, how are you supposed to choose? Fear not! With this easy to follow guide getting safe, breathable, and long lasting baby sheets will be a breeze. In this guide you’ll learn how to care for you sheets and more importantly, which sheets are going to be most comfortable for your special little guy.

In the Picture; Lambs & Ivy Crib Bedding Set, Yoo-Hoo, 4 Piece

This charming 4 piece bedding set has a ton of great reviews due to it's quality make and easy maintenance .

This charming 4 piece bedding set has a ton of great reviews due to it’s quality make and easy maintenance .

Now I want to quickly go over some questions most people ask before getting into the nitty-gritty of baby bedding.

What is Baby Bedding Anyways?

Well let me tell you! Bedding for cribs is simply bedding, much like you have on your bed. The only difference is that baby bedding is smaller for a baby mattress/crib.

How many sets of baby sheets do I need?

You could ‘get by’ with one, but it might be a hassle when you’re cleaning it. I always recommend at least two, three is optimal (as you have the extra one in case of those uncalled for accidents!).

What You should know about Baby Boy Bedding

What’s thread count and does it matter?

The softness of sheets is directly related to the number of threads in a sheet. This term ‘thread count’ literally means the amount of fabric threads used per square inch of blanket. Generally under 200 threads I would avoid – 300 threads is cozy – and 400+ threads is luxurious and very soft.

What is Weave and How Does it Affect Baby Boy Bedding?

‘Weave’ is how the threading of the bedding is patterned. Depending on the pattern used, the blanket could be softer or more durable. Generally there’s only 2 types of patterns used.

The standard and the sateen.

The standard is a one stitch over one stitch under pattern, creating a normal and durable blanket. This is the most common of the two.

The sateen is four stitches over and one stitch under, creating an incredibly soft blanket. Though in order to make this softness durability is given up, so the lifespan of the blanket may not be as good.


Getting the Right Size of Baby Boy Bedding

Fitted sheets (the ones with the elastics) are generally a one sized fits all solution, but sometimes crib mattresses vary in sizes. I’m mainly referring to the potable crib mattress as these are thinner than normal baby mattresses, so the sheets may sit very loose underneath. There are specifically made sheets for portable cribs, but it will take a bit of searching to find the right type for your portable crib.

Baby Boy Bedding Decor and Styling

If you’re not design savvy you may want to opt for a full bedding set like the one I mentioned above. It will cover all the essentials you need in one go and save you from buying mismatched baby things. Why not have a super cute bedding set that compliments your super cute baby??

Don’t forget to Replace those Sheets!

It’s normal to keep things as long as possible, but when it comes to baby bedding that’s not the best idea. Although high quality sheets will last you longer they’re not invincible. You’ll be able to visibly see when sheets need replacing, frayed fabric, rips, stains will all be signs of an old blanket. You don’t want your baby playing with loose fabric!

Want a cheaper option? Try making your own! This is also a adds a nice personal touch to any nursery.