Baby Boy Bedding

Choosing baby boy bedding isn’t always as straight forward as it should be. Everyone wants the best for their special little guy and when it comes to bedding that’s no exception. Comfortable sheets can make the difference between your baby waking up during the night and getting a good nights rest. Safety is also a major reason to do your research on baby boy bedding.

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baby boy bedding

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The choices are endless when it comes to deciding on a baby boy bedding. This simple task really becomes something it shouldn’t be when you have to factor in materials, sensitive baby skin, and safe blankets. Thankfully I’ve prepared a short 5 minute guide to get you up to speed on the best bedding for your baby, so let’s get started!

The Quick Start

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What Material is Best for Crib Sheets?

When it comes to the material of a baby’s sheets there are a lot of options. Baby’s are often hypersensitive to rough materials and chemicals, so it’s usually best to pick one that hasn’t been heavily dyed or chemically ironed. Remember – what might not irritate you could easily irritate a newborns skin. Here’s a quick rundown on the most common materials used to make baby boy bedding.

baby bedding for boys

High Quality Cotton sheets are breathable and wash easily

Cotton and Crib Sheets

One of the most common materials for sheets in general is cotton. Cotton is a great choice for warm or cool climates as it is a very breathable and light material. You’ll find even on hot days cotton is cool to the touch. It’s breathable nature allows for air to easily circulate around your baby keeping them nice and cool throughout the day or night.

For truly cold weather try opting for a heavier and warmer flannel material – it’s sure to keep anyone nice and toasty through those really cold nights.

Cotton is also quite good in cold climates, although a thicker sheet will be necessary for those cold winter months. Maintenance of cotton is also quite easy – it washes like a dream and dries fairly quickly. Though it also holds wrinkles easier. To avoid the wrinkles just take the cotton sheet out before it’s completely tumbled dry and hang it to dry before storing. Make sure it’s completely dry because you don’t want your baby boy bedding to get any mildew from holding moisture.

Saftey Issues with Cotton Baby Boy Bedding

Always give a wash to your sheets before using them. They may still have excess loose fabric particles from the manufacturer or extra dyes which haven’t set. A wash will take care of the majority of these unwanted things and save your baby from breathing in any airborne fabric.

If the cotton sheets feel rough at first don’t worry too much. After a few washes and/or uses your baby boy bedding will feel a lot softer after you’ve properly broken it in.

If you are overly concerned with allergies or the use of harsh chemical softeners used making baby boy bedding try opting for an organic cotton sheet. These sheets are hypoallergenic so it will avoid any sensitivity issues your child might have.

Alright – a quick revisit to the best and worst of cotton.

Charming High Quality 'Pony' Cotton sheets!

Charming High Quality ‘Pony’ Cotton sheets!


  • Works well for various temperatures
  • Durable – has a long life span
  • Washes and dries very easily
  • Available and very common – easy to buy
  • Commonly cotton is hypoallergenic – organic cotton is for sure


  • Wrinkles easily (and holds them)
  • depending on quality and thread count they can be pricey
  • Cotton sheets of low quality may shrink excessively wash after wash

So there’s a quick guide on baby boy bedding materials. I highly suggest you start by checking out the best baby bedding located at the top of this page for complete information on baby boy bedding.

Looking for a more ‘homemade‘ approach? Try your hand at making your own crib sheets!