Baby Boy Crib Bedding Sets

Let’s be real – putting together a boys nursery can be a pain. Designing it is only half the battle, making sure the what’s in it is high quality and safe is even more of a concern. That’s why I’ve put together this in-depth and easy to understand guide. In the next 5 minutes you’ll have a complete understanding of what you need to choose the best baby boy crib!

In the picture; Boutique Brand New GEENNY Baby Boy Constructor 13PCS CRIB BEDDING SET

With over 75 five star reviews, this 13 pc bedding set is incredibly cute and functional.

With over 75 five star reviews, this 13 pc bedding set is incredibly cute and functional.


Now before I go to in-depth, I’d like to answer a few of the frequent questions most parents have when buying a baby boy bedding set.

Can you tell me what a Baby Boy Bedding Set is?

I most certainly can! Baby boy bedding sets are packages that include everything you need to furnish your crib and nursery (some even include wall decal and toys!). Most often they include essentials such as; blankets, pillows, diaper bags, and more. Click the link above for a full rundown of what’s included in sets. Some sets include 6 items while others have more than 20 items included.

How many bedding sets do I need?

Just one! Baby boy bedding sets include everything you need – they’re complete sets. I would suggest you get an extra set of sheets though (or make sure the set comes with 2 sets of crib sheets) as this will definitely come in handy when your washing and cleaning your baby’s sheets.

What’s thread count and how many do I need?

Thread count literally refers to how many threads a blanket or sheet has. The higher the number the softer (and more expensive) the sheet is. I generally go by these numbers;

  • Under 200 threads – Avoid, it’s rough and not suitable for a baby’s delicate skin
  • Around 300 threads – Soft, the norm for most blankets
  • 400+ thread – Pure softness, this is what I imagine clouds feel like.

What Size of Sheets Should I get?

Generally crib sheets are one size fits all. I recommend fitted sheets (ones with elastic around the base) to tightly fit your cribs mattress. The only scenario these probably won’t fit is if you own a portable crib mattress as these are significantly thinner than a regular baby mattress. There are portable mattress specific sheets, but they are a bit of a hassle to find and will require some extra searching.

Go for Cotton

When the weathers getting hot always opt for a cotton material. Cotton allows for great air circulation so it will stay dry and keep your baby cool. Try touching cotton sheets on a hot day and you’ll see they keep their cool temperature.

They also work quite well in cool weather, but if you live in a winter environment I would either opt for a thick cotton, or even better, a flannel.

Baby Boy Nursery Decor and Style

It’s always nice to have a cute nursery that matches how cute your baby boy is. Thankfully bedding sets make this task a lot easier, giving you a complete set of matching decor and toys to furnish your nursery. Since they can bundle a lot of products in one set it also saves you a lot of money!

Don’t Hold on to your Bedding Set Forever

You’ll be able to see when it’s time to replace those old sheets. Even if you purchase high quality sheets (which have a much longer lifespan) they will have to be tossed out eventually. If threads are visible, stains persist, or tears are forming, it’s time to get a new set of sheets.

So by now you should be set to get a baby bedding set! Start with the recommendation above and you’ll find a lot of different designs and materials that will fit your specific needs.

Or try your hand at making your own sheets! This tutorial is easy to follow (and no sowing required!).